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Lightning Roulette

Lightning Roulette

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Lightning Roulette

If you have been to our live roulette section recently, you will probably have noticed that we have spruced things up a bit not least with some new high quality games from our friends over at Evolution Gaming. These are the same guys and gals who came up with Immersive Roulette – another high definition live dealer game that is hugely popular at the casino. Let´s talk about another one of their creations: Lightning Roulette.

A Lightning Roulette Revolution
I don’t know why they call themselves Evolution as they should be called Revolution if you ask me. Their live roulette games are outstanding! And one of the most innovative and entertaining to play of this new range has to be Lightning Roulette so named because, “Pow!”, it’s a knock-out. Get ready for some electric moves my Wombat friends, it´s time to plug ourselves in and head for the high voltage tables.

Have you got your glad rags on? Right, let’s squeeze past those velvet ropes shall we and go and take a look?

Look and Feel

From the moment you fire Lightning Roulette up, you’ll realise that you are playing something a bit out of the ordinary, especially if you have been playing on a more traditional variant like our 20p roulette game for instance. This game has some spark, that´s for sure.

VIP Style
The live roulette feed comes from a slick looking VIP studio all done out in rich golds and dark browns. The dealer on this game is more like a TV show host- he or she earns their money giving you the spiel on this one! You’ll notice it’s easy to chat away to the croupier and to other players. All in all, the atmosphere is great fun, especially if that lightning strikes someone’s number – then they get really excited!

Game Play

OK, listen carefully, as Lightning Strikes up to 5 numbers in this game. Lightning Roulette is a bit different to your standard European variant. It has an ace up its sleeve.

You can play roulette as normal (I assume you know what you are doing on that score), but the big difference on this game is that when the ball comes to a rest, the croupier pulls a big ol’ iron lever that looks like it’s going to wake up Frankenstein, and lightning will strike from 1-5 numbers (there were 2 numbers zapped before the ball came to a rest and 3 after when we played) and these numbers will pay out from between 50x and 500x if they get hit.

Lower Payout on Single Numbers Unless the Lightning Strikes
If you win a straight-up bet that wasn’t zapped, you will be paid 29:1 rather than the 35:1 you will get on a standard table. That is the trade off. All of the other bets (inside, outside, call bets and so on) pay out as normal.

We have plenty of games here at Wombat Casino with extra side bets (World Cup Roulette comes to mind), but we can’t think of any that has quite as much voltage surging through them. If your number hits, your hair will be standing on end and you´ll feel that electrical surge, believe me!

All the Gizmos

In addition to the lightning firing off on this single zero European game, Lightning  Roulette is packed with all sorts of gizmos, statisticss and betting options. You can switch between wheel only view and wheel and table view, set up auto zoom during the spin and see all of your betting history so that you can keep a close eye on your session. It´s fully loaded!

Watch your Time at the Table, Play Responsibly
Also one thing we really like is that Lightning Roulette is into fair play. This game lets you know when you have been playing for 20 minutes and at longer intervals so that you can keep track of the time.

The stats panel is very nice, I must say. You can see all of the hot and cold numbers on the wheel and a distribution wheel chart that shows you where all the previous number have hit. Scroll to the right and you will get the distribution on the inside bets (columns, even, odd, red and so on). There’s even a slider so that you can change the sample size for the spins. It defaults to 500 spins, but just slide it back down to the last 50 rounds if you like, or anything in between.

What I really like, is that you can place your bets from inside of the stats. Very tidy, Mr and Mrs Evolution, and not something you often see on every game of live roulette we have seen.


Even without the Lightning striking, this is a very slick European Roulette table and one that I find myself playing even when I am not going for the Lightning Roulette bets. With the occasional flutter on some straight-up bets, it certainly spices things up if lightning hits and you get a pay-off up to 500x.

Bet the Single Numbers Some of the Time
To get the full benefit of this game, you really want to laying down some straight-up (single number) bets at some point, otherwise the lightning is never going to supercharge your bet. One strategy is to cover a large portion of the table with single number bets. The more table you cover, the more you need that 500x lightning strike to hit quickly.

The RTP is 97.1% on this game of live roulette which is slightly lower than standard European and this is because wins on single numbers pay out at 29:1 rather than 35:1 on a standard table. Lightning Roulette is a great addition to Evolution’s bank of games – this roulette game is one of our favourites, in fact.

Wombat Score: 5/5

This game is electric alright, it’s a real entertainer.

Lightning Roulette FAQs

Features Lightning Roulette

NameLightning Roulette
Wheel TypeEuropean Single Zero
Game TypeLive Dealer
Call BetsYes
Special BetsYes. Lightning Strikes up to 5 numbers in this roulette game. Payout is up to 500x your number bet.
StatsYes. Hot and Cold numbers, Lightning Strikes

Lightning Roulette FAQs