Paypal Casino

Wombat Casino Accepts Paypal

Paypal Casino

Wombat Casino Accepts Paypal

Paypal Casino

There’s a new Paypal Casino in town my friends, and it’s name is Wombat Casino!

PayPal – famously once run by that Rocket Man and Technoking Elon Musk – is the planet’s largest e-wallet service with over 420 million customers. The idea is the same as other e-wallets like Skrill and Neteller. PayPal allows you to move money around without having to share any other  financial information other than your PayPal details. Paypal are pretty strict about which online casinos they let use the system, so we are thrilled to have made the grade. Thanks Paypal!

So now, whether you’re playing Iron Dog Blackjack, live baccarat or your favourite slot game you can play for real with one more payment method, in the UK at least.

What is a Paypal Casino?

A PayPal casino is an online casino which allows players to make deposits and withdrawals using PayPal.

Paypal enables users to store funds in multiple currencies and thanks to its security, PayPal has become one of the most popular payment methods around the globe. They are pretty strict with who they work with though. This has its advantages in that they only work with the most reputable brands, but it does mean that your choice of where to play is going to be smaller if you deposit and withdraw with Paypal.

UK Only

At this point it’s only UK players who are able to use Paypal as a payment method. If you are from another country, you will need to use another payment method.

How do you get a PayPal Account?

If you don’t have one already, where have you been? Well, don’t worry, it’s easy to sign up.

Just head to Paypal, fill out the ID questions (or KYC (Know Your Customer admin), verify your email, and off you go. You will need to link your bank account or credit card to your account to start transferring money, and they’ll want to check you out before increasing your limits, but essentially you’re good to go.

It normally takes a couple of days to get the verification sorted.

Depositing with PayPal

You’ll only be able to do this if you’re a UK customer. If you have a Paypal account,  all you need to do is select the Paypal Casino payment option and follow the instructions. Every transaction will be encrypted using the latest technology and funds will be instantly available to you on your Wombat Casino account.

If you do not have enough money in your PayPal wallet to cover the cost of the deposit, you can have PayPal bill your credit card directly. To do this, you’ll need to have added and verified your card beforehand.

Withdrawing via PayPal

As you long as you have sent all of the necessary ID documents so that we know you are who you say you are, then you are also free to withdraw your winnings on Paypal too, it’s as simple as that.

Once you have the funds in your PayPal account, you can of course use them to buy goods or services at any store that accepts PayPal, or have the money sent to you via bank transfer or cheque.

The Pros of PayPal

Well it’s all about reputation isn’t it? Paypal is the e-wallet that has been around the longest and has stood the test of time. They are accepted at more online stores than any other e-wallet. You’re in safe hands.

There’s the safety and security angle as well, of course. When you use PayPal to deposit at Wombat Casino, you do so with the full knowledge that both companies are treating your funds and your personal info with the utmost care. Some people just to prefer to give out their banking information once (to PayPal). We can understand that, it’s just about keeping it simple, right?

PayPal is a payment method with a wide international reach: its system is used in over 200 countries.
The speed of PayPal’s service is another big benefit. Should you be a lucky jackpot winner, you should get the funds back to your account faster. PayPal offers low transaction fees and a speedy process.

The Cons of PayPal

Although it’s easy to set up a PayPal account for casino payments and withdrawals, it can take a while to get verified and to link your various accounts and credit cards. You might have to sacrifice a bit of speed, especially at the beginning. If that’s a problem for you, just remember that you can use all sorts of payment systems at Wombat Casino like credit cards, debit cards and other e-wallets like Neteller, Skrill and paysafecard. Just pick one that suits you best.

When choosing to deposit with PayPal, some online casinos may require you to withdraw any winnings using the same method that you used to make your deposits.

Do PayPal Casinos Accept Alternative Methods?

Absolutely! Being a PayPal casino doesn’t mean that it exclusively accepts this method. Most online casinos including Wombat Casino offer many other methods to deposit and withdraw into your account.

Please Play Responsibly

It goes without saying, but please play responsibly whether you playing with PayPal, or coconut shells for that matter. Keep it fun!