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iPad Casino

Play Casino Games on Your iPad

iPad Casino

ipad casinoFellow Wombats, did you know that the first ever iPad was launched by Apple three years after the very first iPhone in 2010? At the time, the device had us all scratching our heads and asking ‘why would you need one?’ and ‘what are you supposed to do with it’ Mrs Wombat even used hers to rest her cup of tea on.

Fast forward to today, and Apple have proved all of these doubters wrong, with those shiny iPads now available in a Mini and Pro size. Sales have slowed as smartphones have got bigger, but iPads remain a very successful product and one that is here to stay.

Who’s have thought that a whole industry would have been created out of people wanting to accessorize their iPads? Keyboards, speakers, covers and even pens I get. But iPad Selfie Sticks? Come on! Even I’m not that vain.

ipad selfie stickSo – if you want to play slots on your iPad while you’re relaxing on the sofa or even pouting at the camera- now you can! Game developers have harnessed the unique functionality of tablets (swiping, tapping, tilting, shaking) and built some cracking games for it!

Take a look at this lot:

Gonzo’s Quest

gonzo's questAlong with its Inca temples and intricate Mayan relics, Gonzo’s Quest slot from NetEnt submerges you into the Central American jungle, and gives the player a taste of what those greedy Spanish explorers were after in the 1500s… This slot is famous for its unusual game play, and was the first to use Avalanche feature – these are winning symbols that disintegrate and fall off the bottom of the screen, and are replaced by a new set of blocks! Play it here.

Great graphics, innovative gaming and some decent pay outs make this perfect for the iPad. We recently tested out a development version of this game on an Oculus Rift VR headset. Wow! If you thought the iPad game was immersive, wait until you see this.
Mrs Wombat did tell me that I looked like a grinning muppet, however, with a big black box strapped to the front of my face.

Fruit Warp

fruit warp strawberryThis is a slot like no other. Starting with an animated clip of fruit flying through a time warp tunnel  -it’s obvious that this game has been made to look amazing on your iPads. There are no wilds in the slot, no scatters, and no reels either, for that matter. Instead you’ll find a selection of juicy fruit symbols that just float across your the screen on a bright green backdrop with each ‘spin’.

The Fruit Mode bonus is the highlight of the slot where you can pick up up multipliers, free spins and extra lives. Give it a spin and get your 5-a day!

Hot as Hades

Hot as Hades from Microgaming has superb graphics and is inspired by Ancient Greek mythology. But instead of giving us the fierce Greek legends with all their furious smite, this is tongue-in-cheek version!
You can kind of tell by the look of the main character, what with his flaming hair do and cheesy smile. Nice shades though….

Get Hot Down in Hades here.

These vibrant high definition graphics are what makes this slot a top iPad casino game. On a larger screen, the animations look fantastic.

It has a multi level feature round called the Quest Bonus – perfect for play on the iPad, and if you make it past the first 4 levels you’ll find yourself in Zeus’ chamber where you could win 260 x your original bet…

Steam Tower slot

steam tower slot manThis NetEnt game is a great-looking iPad slot with some unique gameplay. It’s a steam-punk inspired theme complete with a one-armed hero, a fiery dragon and a helpless damsel.

The Steam Tower slot has a tiered playing structure which means the further up the tower you go, the more bonuses, multipliers and cash you’ll win. But the Free Spins are where you can really win big.

Ideal for iPad play, you’ll while away a good few hours trying to rescue the maiden, so give it a go.

How do I play Wombat Casino games on my iPad?

Well, we provide you content that has been specifically optimised for iPads and there are plenty of them – including slots, roulette, blackjack, mobile video poker and live casino games. Just head to barcaengdev.wpengine.com and sign up for a new account! Easy peasy.

Best iPads for playing Casino Games

When they first launched, the iPad came in one size-standard. Now, of course, you can buy a massive 12.9 inch iPad Pro (that might even be overdoing it for gaming), a 10.5″ iPad Pro (less stress on your wrists), a 9.7 inch iPad (an excellent machine) or a 7.9 inch iPad Mini 4. All of these machines are LED-backlit with Multi-Touch these days. What does that mean? Well, they look fantastic and are dead easy to use.

To be honest, all the casino games at Wombat will look fantastic on any of these devices. The standard 9.7 inch size is probably the best, and with a fast connection speed, you’ll be playing HD slots on a 2048 x 1536 resolution Retina display with a booming soundtrack in no time. Pure entertainment!