Roulette Call Bets

A Guide to the More Exotic Bets on the Wheel

Roulette Call Bets

A Guide to the More Exotic Bets on the Wheel

Call Bets in Roulette

G’day Wheel Spinners! How are we today?

If you have browsed through Wombat Casino, you may have already seen that we’ve got quite a bit of information on roulette, it being one of our favourite casino games.

At this point we are humming “You spin me right round, baby right round, like a record baby, round round, round round”.

We have already shared our Wombat Wonderings on betting at the table in general (head over to our roulette bets guide if you haven’t already). That page covers all of the standard bets you can make on the wheel like a single number bet and outside bets like the columns, dozens and red and black for instance. We also covered a few of the more exotic bets like Voisins du Zero, Tiers and Orphelins- the so called “Call Bets”. These three bets are the ones that you are most likely to see on our games like 3D Roulette and our Roulette Master game (open the racetrack slider just below the wheel to the left on the latter and out pops a betting area enabling you to bet on these 3 call bets plus the Splits bets- more on those below).

Some of the simpler games like Gamevy Roulette don’t even have those options- these are for players who like to keep it simple with plain old Outside and Inside bets. The most common Inside bet in roulette is a single number bet of course and Outside Bettors tend to go for the even-money bets like red and black or the columns and dozens.

Then there are those other variants like our Great Rhino Roulette game that combine a simple table with a bit of slots action. You pays your money and you takes your choice as they say.

But, if you head over to a more powerful game like Premier Roulette Diamond Edition, for example, then you’ll notice that you have many more betting options. The wheel is your oyster! Let’s go through some of these Roulette Call Bets otherwise known as Announced Bets shall we?

Roulette Call Bets Guide

Let look at the most common bets in this category: the Splits Bets.

Splits Bets

Black Splits
If you know your roulette bets, you’ll know that a Split Bet is made by placing a chip in between 2 numbers to cover them. If you take a look at the table, there are 7 split bets you can make on adjacent black numbers as follows:
8/11, 10/11, 10/13, 17/20, 26/29, 28/29 and 28/31.

And that’s a Black Splits bet, as simple as that, with an equal value chip on each of the black splits above. Now a Split Bet pays out 17:2, so let’s say you made a £1 bet on all of those splits, so £7 in total. On some winning numbers you would get back £18 (17 plus your bet). On overlapping winning numbers, you would get back £35 (34 plus your bet) – say on the number 10. So your payback is either 17:7 or 34:7. It’s like a riskier bet on black- the payback is bigger, but remember you are only covering 10 numbers.

Red Splits
This Call Bet is very similar to Black Bets, only – you guessed it – we are going to be betting on adjacent red numbers instead of black ones.

So the bet is on:
9/12, 16/19, 18/21, 27/30.

As you have probably noticed, due to the design on the table, there are fewer adjacent red numbers than black ones and no overlapping ones. So this is a four chip bet. Let’s say you bet £1 on each split, so £4 in total. A win would see you rake in £18 (17 plus your bet back) so the pay-out if this comes in is 17:4- more than a bet on the columns but then you are only covering 8 numbers out of 37.

Zero Game

Some players can’t get enough of that green zero number, and if you like this round number you can make a bet on the individual number or cover more of the table with a Voisins du Zero bet. But did you know that you can make a bet that sites somewhere in between: the Zero Game of Jeu Zero (said in a strong French accent of course).

The Jeu Zero is like a mini Voisins that covers 6 numbers around the 0 – four on the anti-clockwise side and 2 on the clockwise side. So 12, 35, 3, 26, 0, 32 and 35. This is made up of 3 split bets (0/3, 12/15, 26, and 32/35). So depending where the ball lands, you might win £17 or £35 off a £4 bet. You might win nothing of course- that really would be a Zero Game.

Finales Bets

Some people just have their lucky numbers, and for those types of players the Finales bets were invented which allow you to bet on all the numbers that have your pet number at the end (hence the name “Finales”). There are 2 types of Finales bets as follows:

Finales en Plein
Let’s say you like the number 3. Well, try a Finales 3 en Plein (on the full) bet then, why don’t you? This would cover 3, 13, 23 and 33 with single number bets. Let’s say you clicked down £1 on each for a £4 total bet. A win would see you skipping off with £36 (35 plus your bet), so a pay-off of 35:4.

The higher numbers are a bit cheaper of course, as you run out of thirties to bet on. So a Finales 7 en Plein covers 7, 17, and 27. That’s a £3 bet that could net you £36 but you aren’t exactly covering much of the table.

Finales a Cheval
If you are the kind of wombat that has several favourite numbers rather than just one, you might want to try a Finales a Cheval bet which aims to include 2 numbers at the end of your chosen bets. You might go for 4 and 5 for instance, in which case you will be covering 4,5,14,15,24,25,34,35. This means more table coverage of course, but working out your payout becomes more complicated as some pairs of numbers can be covered with split bets and others can’t.

In the example above, you be making split bets on 4/5, 14, 15 and 34/35 but because of the table layout, you’ll need to cover 24 and 25 as straight-up (single number bets). Your best bet is too lay the bet and work out your adds before you hit the spin. These bets will suit those players who prefer to cover just a little bit more table.

Other Call Bets

Other Call Bets you might come across include the Snake Bet (looks like a python on the table), the 007 bet (not a James Bond favourite, it just looks like the numbers 007 on the table), the Random 7 (no explantion needed here, this is like a Lucky Dip with seven chips) and the Chip Bomb which is like a paired down version of a Complete Bet.

The Complete Bet is an interesting one. If you have a favourite number like 17, this bet is like going “all in” in a game of poker. You cover the number with a single bet, a split bet, a corner bet and so on, covering all of the inside bets. If your number comes in, it’s happy days of course, and if you just miss it you do have some insurance bets covered around the main star of the spin. However…if you miss the group entirely, this can be expensive, so its not for the faint-hearted.

And that, my Wombat Friends, covers most (but not all) of the Call Bets. Bon chance!