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Raging Rhino Slot

Raging Rhino Slot

100% Welcome up to 200.00*


Raging Rhino Slot

The wombat says: This wombat has never been on safari. In fact there are many other awful things we’d rather do than get chewed up by one of the ‘Big 5′ like you will see in the Raging Rhino slot. These include: riding on a rollercoaster naked and paying a visit to Donald Trump’s hairdresser. But, we were STILL pretty excited when this brand new slot game popped up in our spin boxes at Wombat Towers.’

‘A safe safari with hard cash wins? What’s not to like?’ we thought.

This slot from SG Gaming is all about the Raging Rhino (the one beast that gives those crazy roaring dinos in the Jurassic World slot a run for their money). The slot game also features other kinds of cool African wildlife, but playing this slot is all about the Raging Rhino himself: the all important thick -skinned fella will stampede his way to huge wins as the game’s highest paying symbol. Let’s fire up the Raging Rhino slot and see what it’s made of.

About the Raging Rhino Slot developer

SG Games are the online offshoot of real life slot machine makers WMS. Best known for developing classic slots like Irish themed Rainbow Riches, these genius game creators hail from this wombat’s spiritual home, Las Vegas which makes them experts in our book. They have also been in business a very long time which means they know to make the games that us slot fans like to play…

Raging Rhino is set in the African savannah, and the graphics depict some very beautiful scenery and native wildlife. Meanwhile, your reels will expand to fill the foreground and hide the sun-baked background each time you spin – which is a very nice design touch, indeed. Overall, the graphics aren’t ground-breaking, but they’re good enough.

The soundtrack however is a completely different kettle of fish (or should we say rhino?) The music is very upbeat with a LOT of African tribal bongo and what sounds suspiciously like a glockenspiel going on. And during the Raging Rhino’s Free Spins round, the tunes pick up pace and become even more frenetic as your big wins start rollimg in, there’s also chanting and even more drums!

One of this wombat’s fave touches however, is when you land 4x or more of the Rhino icons on your reels – at this point you’ll suddenly hear a loud ‘RHINO’ scream at you from your speakers, along with the sound of said beast charging, nay trampling its way along the dusty floor of the Serengeti. It’s genuinely quite scary. Well for this small wombat anyway…

Playing the Raging Rhino Slot Game

Raging Rhino is a well loved classic that started off as a bricks and mortar fruit machine played in all the biggest Vegas casinos, and not much has been changed in terms of playing this slot in this online version.

Raging Rhino is a 6 reel, 4 row slot with an astounding 4,096 ways to win and it is quite a step up from more traditional games like King of Slots and Rainbow Riches. Yes, you really have not have seen a slot like this before Wombat Fans (well unless you’ve played the Pixie Gold slot – that’s got a bloody great big set of reels in it as well).

For starters, there’s the unusual 6×4 slot formation, not to mention the win any way game-play. In fact, what does ‘4096 ways to win’ actually mean? Well Wombat fans, let us explain. It means that in this online slot you will find 4,096 different winning combos possible on every single spin – and you can make these wins as long as you land matching symbols on adjacent reels. Mind-blowing isn’t it? Sot it’s time to say goodbye to all those pesky paylines!

Bets start from as little as 1p, and go all the way up to the maximum bet of £30.00 per spin so there is a good amount of variety in the wages that should keep all players happy, from the more cautious slot fan to the high rollers amongst you!

Your symbols on these ruddy gigantic reels are made up of various wild African animals that you would find on the Serengeti and these include regal cheetahs, snappy alligators, a bunch of daft mongeese and some grumpy-looking gorillas, plus the eponymous rhino of course! While the lower value symbols are the standard playing cards 9, 10, J, Q, K & A. If you look carefully you will also see David Attenborough lurking in the undergrowth. Rumour has it that the BBC were filming during the making of this slot.

The Wild symbol in Raging Rhino is represented by the umbrella tree with the setting sun behind it. This cool (or should we says baking hot) little symbol will do the usual job of substituting for all other symbols on the reels (except for the Scatters) to help you make up extra winning combos.

But that’s not all folks, the Wild in Raging Rhino will also become a x2 or x3 multiplier when it forms part of a winning spin (which is an unexpected and lucrative little touch), and it doubles up too! So, if you landed 2 wilds with a x3 multiplier, you’ll actually get 6x the win!  Get it? Thanks WMS!

Raging Rhino Payouts

There’s no progressive jackpot on offer in Raging Rhino, but, if you’re playing at the highest bet level, landing 6x of the Diamond scatters can award up to 40,000 coins – which the highest possible payout in the Raging Rhino slot paytable. Not bad really, now is it?

Raging Rhino’s Free Spins Bonus Round

This online slot is all about the Free Spins dearest wombat fans, and when they do finally come, they really do rage! To set off the mega lucrative bonus feature you will need to land 3x or more of the Diamond Scatters across the reels and you’ll set them off. The number of free spins you’ll scoop will depend on how many Scatters you landed in first place.

3x Scatters will see you get 8 free spins, 4x Scatters will dole you out with 15 free spins, 5x Scatters will earn you 20 free spins, 6x Scatters will win you a frankly mind-blowing 50 free spins!! Even Mrs Wombat is excited at the prospect.

Finally, SG Gaming have been even more generous! If you win less than 10x your stake during the whole of the bonus feature, there is a Bonus Guarantee on offer. This means that they you will pay you out at least 10x your original bet at the end of the round. Whenever you land the bonus!

Looking back at the many times this wombat has landed the free spins feature in Raging Rhino, we have tended to win about 30x our stake on average, however the highest we’ve ever scooped was a huge win of 650x  the original bet! Phew! Now that was one hell of a good day.

Play Raging Rhino on Mobile

As with almost all online slots available nowadays, Raging Rhino is optimised for game play on all your devices.  Sadly it’s not a mobile first release (like Elk Studios’ awesome Kaiju slot for example), but the reels will still look and play perfectly on your Android and IOS mobiles and tablets, as well as those desktops. Which means you can spin while you’re on the go. Hurrah!

Raging Rhino Megaways

If you haven’t quite had enough stampeding play for one day – take a chance on Raging Rhino Megaways, Wombat fans. This souped-up version of Raging Rhino slot has 6 reels, 7 rows and an absolutely MASSIVE 117649 ways to win…

But how? Well, the configuration of the reels changes on every spin; on top of the standard reels you’ll see another 4 reels, and the number of rows on each reel can vary between 2 to 7 on every spin. This means that the number of ways to win changes with each spin, too. Give it a go!


This wombat has no idea why the Raging Rhino in this game is so angry ( it must be something to do with the blazing Serengeti – the heat will do that to some animals), but we do know one thing: this online slot is a very volatile game. So if you’re prepared to spin long and hard for the big wins (and we mean BIG) then this is will be right up your street.

The Raging Rhino is not the best looking slot game we’ve ever seen here at Wombat Towers, but it’s certainly action packed and we did like being transported to the Seregenti plains without leaving the comfort of our sofa here at Slot Central.

Because there are so many ways to win, when you start adding in the Wilds with their x2 and x3 multipliers to the Free Spins bonus feature, what you could get (if you are very lucky indeed) is one hell of a rampaging rhino win. Which makes this slot definitely worth playing…

Wombat score 4/5

Raging Rhino FAQs

Raging Rhino Features

NameRaging Rhino
ProviderScientific Games Corp
Prog. JackpotNo
Ways to Win4096

Raging Rhino FAQs