Why is Mermaids Millions So Popular?

by The Wombat on 18-Sep-22

mermaids millionsThe slots industry is very competitive. You may have noticed that some games hit the market and grow rapidly in popularity while others wither on the vine. Have you ever wondered why this happens? We have!

One of the games that fits this profile is the Mermaids Millions game, which continues to be popular despite its age. This slot has become something of a cult classic over the years. Many newer games have tried to emulate its success, but most have failed. Why is that? Do some games get legendary status once they have been around for a number of years?

What is Mermaids Millions?

Mermaids Millions is a slot game that was created by Microgaming and is now part of the Games Global portfolio. If you are a regular in the slot game world, you will have heard of Microgaming: one of the big players in the market.

Their Mermaids game is a simple slot with 15 pay-lines. It is played on a 5 by 3 standard reel set, with colourful symbols and a couple of bonus features. The background sounds are relaxing (lots of underwater bubbles going on) with a Mermaid’s chuckle that is not easy to forget.

The game is easy to play and entertaining, especially if you happen to be lucky enough to land some wins. It’s a no-frills, traditional slot and that is one reason behind its enduring popularity.

Why is it so popular?

mermaids millionsLet’s be honest, the game isn’t exactly cutting edge, so what makes it so popular? The key reason for the success of the game is simply the fact that it is made and distributed by Microgaming.

They are a world-renowned iGaming company that have created some of the most popular slot games on the market and they have the distribution channels to ensure that their creations are available and visible to a large percentage of players online.

Add some quality gameplay and promotions and the game took off quickly. There’s also that Mermaid’s cute chuckle I guess!

Another reason for the game’s popularity is that it is simple and easy to understand. Anyone, no matter their knowledge level of slot games, can spin the reels and have a flutter.

treasure bonus mermaids millionsThere is a Free Play version which has helped to build its appeal over the years. The Mermaids Millions demo is an good way to get to grips with the slot mechanics without having to risk any money.

The bright, cheery, colourful theme of the game makes it an entertaining slot to play and it’s easy on the eye. There are 2 bonus rounds in the game: nothing too complicated. Just enough to keep you entertained and engaged.

Upcoming Games

Games Global is very active when it comes to launching new games – they are always launching new projects. These days, they have teamed up with a group of smaller, boutique designers and are launching some innovative designs onto the market.

Some of their older games have been so popular that they spawn sequels (we’re still waiting for Mermaids Millions 2 though), and they have new games coming out every month.

Examples include include 9 Masks of Fire and the 9 Pots of Gold game. These 2 were developed by a smaller studio: Gameburger, a strategy that Microgaming is using more and more.


Microgaming and Games Global’s Mermaids Millions Slot has proved itself over the long term with its ease of play and accessibility, and remains one of the most popular games around.