Why is Mermaids Millions So Popular?

by The Wombat on 18-Feb-22

mermaids millionsIn such a busy industry you may have noticed that some online slot games hit the market and grow rapidly in popularity compared to others. Have you ever wondered why this happens? We have!

One of the games that fits this profile is Mermaid’s Millions, which has a very active player base with fans around the globe. The Wombat loves this game and he was absolutely ecstatic when he found out it would be a permanent fixture on the site and available for players every day!

What is Mermaid’s Millions?

Mermaid’s Millions is a slot game created by Microgaming, but who or what is Microgaming and what do they have to do with the world of online slots? If you are a regular in the slot game world, you will have heard of Microgaming and will be familiar with how their games work and look. With Mermaid’s Millions you are looking at a very simple slot game with 15 pay-lines.The game is played on a 5 by 3 standard reel set, with very colourful symbols and background.

Everything about this game is friendly and inviting, especially the promise of reward if you happen to be lucky enough to land some big wins.

But why is it so popular?

mermaids millionsLet’s face it, the game isn’t exactly cutting edge. What makes it so popular? Potentially the main reason for the game’s popularity is simply the fact it is made by Microgaming. They are a world-renowned iGaming company that have created some of the very best and most popular slot games on the market.

This game is part of this story of collective of excellence in slots, and that is one of the reasons the game took off as quickly as it did. There’s also the Mermaid’s cute chuckle I guess.

Another reason for the game being so popularis that it is simple and easy to understand. This means that anyone, no matter their knowledge level of slot games, can play this game and have a fun experience.

treasure bonus mermaids millionsAnother key factor is the fact the game offers a Free Play version. Mermaids Millions free play is an excellent way to get to grips with the game play and and mechanics without having to risk any money to begin with. This takes the risk out of the game.

The bright, cheery, colourful theme of the game makes it an exciting slot to play and it’s easy on the eye. There is a bonus round in this game, but nothing too complicated.

Upcoming Games

Microgaming is a very in designing an developing new games – they are always creating new projects to release into the world of iGaming. Some of their previous games have been so popular that they evolve them and release sequels (we’re still waiting for Mermaids Millions 2 though), and they also have plenty of fresh games coming to your screens. Examples include include 9 Masks of Fire and 9 Pots of Gold. These latter 2 were developed with a smaller boutique studio: Gameburger, a strategy that Microgaming is using more and more.


From a company as on the ball as Microgaming, the Mermaids Millions Slot with its ease of play and accessibility, has proved itself over the long terms to be one of the most popular around that will entertain from start to finish.