Top 5 Most Popular Table Casino Games

by Mac on 26-May-22

Are you spoilt for choice by the huge selection of casino game titles on offer and wondering which games are the most popular. Here is a rundown of the five most popular online casino games you can play right now here at Wombat Casino.


Also known as 21 or Pontoon, this casino-staple tests players’ nerves as receiving a single card could be the difference between winning and losing. There are many different Blackjack casino table games on offer here, with both live and digital games available, offering players exciting and enjoyable gameplay features. The authentic game setting provides the closest thing to brick and mortar Blackjack gameplay online as players hope to beat the dealer with a hand closer to 21 without going over.


This classic wheel-based slot provided a game based entirely on luck for players hoping to place bets and let the game do the rest. Players can expect exciting gameplay with live dealer roulette and digital games such as 20p Roulette from Inspired Gaming, where players can use chips as small as 20p. Watch as the wheel spins slowly, coming to a halt with the small roulette ball finding its final place across the sections on said wheel. There are many potential bets in Roulette, offering various chances to land great returns in play.


Perhaps you are hoping to get lucky with the dice, then this popular casino table game with historical links to ancient Rome could be the game for you. Hope to win returns on the multiple betting options including the Pass/Don’t Pass bets, Come/Don’t Come bets, Field bets, Place bets, and Proposition bets available. This game of chance allows players to bet on how the dice will land in each game, with various odds available offering different returns depending on the stakes set.


Place stakes on the hand you think will finish with the highest value in this interesting card-based game. There are plenty of live and automatic Baccarat games available in which rather than beating the banker, players need only bet on who’s hand will be closer to 9 and win. Here, both hands are dealt two cards hoping to get as close to nine as possible; any score above 9 loses 10 points making hands worth 12 points 2 and 16 points 6.

Three Card Poker

This simplified version of the popular casino table game adds side bets, as well as the classic Poker hands that experienced players will know. This fast-paced game requires only three cards to build Poker hands that could beat the dealer, leaving a lot to the luck of the draw. This popular table casino game offers simpler gameplay than the original 5-card game with just as exciting winning potential.


There is a brilliant selection of online casino table games available here for all players. If you’re still thinking about which game is right for you, why not try your luck with a low-value spin of the reel with the 20p Roulette casino game.