Scary Slots, Halloween 2018

by The Wombat on 19-Oct-18

It’s that time of year when we wombats scuttle off to our burrows and hang bunches of garlic and onions around the place. Yep, even though the nights are getting shorter Down Under, Halloween is Halloween anywhere in the world and even Dracula loves a barbie although he generally can’t be bothered to cook the meat.

Anyway, we thought we’d take a look at some of the scarier Halloween slots we have on offer on Wombat Casino and for those of you who who love getting the heebie jeebies, I’d suggest you give these games a go! And if this gives you the shivers don’t worry- we’ve also suggest some lighter games.

Halloween Slot.

The obvious choice is our Halloween slot game of course. The clue is in the name my friends! This game fires up with some pretty haunting music and is based on the classic 70s movie of the same name. That knife looks perfect for cutting up onions! With a Wandering Wheel bonus, a Trick or Treat feature AND a Bogeyman bonus it is packed with what the best Microgaming slots do best- free spins, multipliers and extra large symbols called Jumbo Blocks.

Scare Score: 7/10. Lock the doors and check your phone is still working before you play this one.

Halloween Horrors Slot

If the game above is a bit much for your nerves, you could always give the Halloween Horrors video slot a go instead, which we’d classify more as a a Scooby Doo type game on the Scare Meter.

This game includes a toon pumkin and a “Mwah ha ha haaaa” in its sound track. All it needs is “I would have got away with it too, if it wasn’t for those pesky kids!”

This is a great little game it you are looking for a spooky theme that won’t give you nightmares. The evil grinning pumpkin is wild and there’s a Headstone Bonus- if you land 5 headstone symbols you trigger a 200x multiple win on your bet. Nice!

Scare Score: 5/10. More comedy than spine chilling, but good game play. It’s not available on mobile though.


OK let’s turn the heat down a notch and you better go and grab some garlic.  It’s not that your breath smells too nice, it’s just that we are about to fire up the Dracula video slot which is about as bone chilling as it gets. Can you see your breath starting to condense now as the temperature plummets? It’s all in here, so huddle together my fellow wombats.

Fire it up and load up the famous vampire, along with bats and the creepy looking local types. BOO! Got ya!

What really gets my teeth chattering when I play this game is the soundtrack. NetEnt have really done a number on it- eek! It’s menacing, that’s what it is, there’s no other word for it. Those creaky doors opening! Did Alfred Hitchcock design this one do you think?

Scary Score: 9/10. Bring a spare pair of pants when you play this one.

Day of the Dead

Well after that cold sweat marathon, we fancied something a little lighter, so we recommend you join us in loading up one of our all time favourite games that isn’t actually themed on Halloween, but rather on the Day of the Dead which is a Mexican fiesta held around the same time (on the 2nd November to be precise).

If you have seen the animation film Coco, you will know what we are talking about. The Day of the Dead is a family holiday where people pray for and remember friends and family members who have died, to help support their spiritual journey. So there are a lot of skeletons involved, but this being Mexico, there is also a lot of colour and music as well.

Which brings us to the excellent Esqueleto Explosivo video slot which is simply outstanding. It’s a riot of colour and music where skulls fall down into lines and explode when they make up winning combinations. And it’s all topped of with lots of singing and music. Try it!

Scary Score: 2/10. OK, it’s not scary, but we’d give the game play 9/10. I love this game: Thunderkick you absolute beauties, you. I am still singing the jingles.