Movie Slots

by Wombat Casino on 23-Aug-16


The Best Movie Slots

A good slot needs a good theme (like Monkeys for instance!), and one of the most popular ways that designers use to make a game stand out is to build a game around a movie franchise. Many of the best action slots out there have all been developed from blockbuster movies- games such as the Terminator 2 slot, the Dark Knight Rises slot and the Jurassic Park slot.

Other games like the Tomb Raider slot and the Game of Thrones slot have their origins in gaming or TV. There are plenty of examples around.

How Does Licensing Work?

So how does this licensing arrangement work? Who develops the game?
Let´d take a look at some of the Microgaming slots like the Bridesmaids slot-as they are pretty active in this area.

The slot gamer developer- Microgaming in this case, will sign an agreement with the company that controls the rights to the movie. Ever since the first Star Wars movie came out, movie producers have come to realise that there is money in ticket sales, but there is bigger money in licensing.

Then the negotiation starts, which all comes down to how big the movie is- the bigger the blockbuster, the higher the percentage that the slot designer will have to pay as a percentage of net gaming revenue. A huge global smash hit like the Dark Knight Rises will command a higher licensing fee than something like the Bridesmaids slot, for example. Typically, the amounts can range from 2-5%, but there really is no formula. Each licence is negotiated on a case by case basis.

There´s no doubt, though that Licensed slot games continue to lead the pack. The movie branding packs a real punch that makes games stand out. When combined with a well designed slot game, with clips from the film, and good game play- these games can be extremely successful- the cost of the licensing more than pays for itself in terms of extra revenue.

Unlicensed is Good Too

Of course, the slots developers aren´t stupid, so they are wary of getting into a situation where all of their revenue is generated on games that have a big licensing fee- the aim of the game os to get a good balance, and so you´ll still find that the really popular slots that feature the big jackpots and the best game play are “own brand” games- slots such as Thunderstruck 2 and Mermaids Millions come to mind.

Having said that, if we are talking Microgaming, then one of their most successful slots of all time is the Tomb Raider slot- and they have 2 of those- the original and a sequel- so they must be pretty important to them.

Keep ´em coming Slots Developers! We love our movie slots at Wombat Casino!