Lightning Roulette: Top Tips For Expert Play

by The Wombat on 05-May-21

G’day Wombat fans. It’s come to our attention that some of you are looking for some expert Lightning Roulette tips.

So, we’ve put together a post on exactly how to play Lightning Roulette; including a bit of history, the payout and rules and some game play pointers.

Don your finest tuxedo and take a seat. It’s time to hit the roulette table!

What is Lightning Roulette?…

Evolution Gaming Lightning Roulette has been around since 2018 and has taken online casinos by storm. It’s played in live casino surroundings (with real croupiers), comes with High Definition graphics and even higher- voltage game play!

The game brings a lot of innovation to online Roulette, and has really shaken things up – not only because of the slick stylish production values – but because it takes a bit of inspiration from slot games to up the ante!

Yes, the game changes the max possible win on roulette from 35x your bet up to 10,000x your stake. It also looks like it’s taking place in Nikola Tesla’s lab – but that’s another story altogether…

How does Lightning Roulette work?

This variant of roulette is a little bit different from your standard European style – and a LOT more high octane.

In Lightning Roulette, after you have placed your bets, up to x5 lucky numbers on the roulette wheel will be generated at random and struck by a bolt of lightning. Each of these electric numbers will have a random multiplier attached to them, either 50x, 100x, 200x, 300x, 400x or 500x your bet (just like you would find in online slot games).

If you’ve been lucky enough to place a bet on one of these fortuitous digits – you will be quids in! Scooping both your original bet and the multiplier, too.

The stakes are low, from a minimum bet of 0,20 coins per spin and significantly less than you’d find in a bricks and mortar casino.

Lightning Roulette Rules

The wheel consists of 37 numbers, from 0 to 36 as in standard European Roulette (there is only one zero in play here). Place your bets; either straight up or side bets and wait to see if any of your numbers get zapped!

Make sure you pay attention to the Traffic Lights system that Evolution Gaming have set up. These will let players know of the game’s current status and whether you can bet or not…

Red means bets are closed, amber means betting is nearly over and green means place your wagers willy nilly, Wombat fans! If you bet after the red, your stake will be invalid. Just imagine if you struck a lucky number then? Gulp.

Lightning Roulette Payouts

Straight bets that don’t land one of the 5x multipliers will pay out 30:1 instead of 35:1, but all other standard roulette bets will give you the same wins that you’d find on the European Roulette pay-table: 17:1 for a split bet, 11:1 for street, 8:1 for corner, 5:1 for line, and 2:1 for column or dozen bets.

Where to Play Lightning Roulette?

Well this is an easy one! Right here! You can play Lightning Roulette at Wombat casino of course!

Just to let you know there is no free demo mode in Lightning Roulette, but with a minimum bet of 0.20 you can get familiar with the game without emptying your wallet.

Some final tips…

  • Just like all Evolution table games, you can choose how you want to view the game; either in 3D, Classic or Immersive view. We recommend you opt for Immersive – it will give you a more personal angle of the table, the bets and the lightning numbers when they strike!
  • As all seasoned gamblers know, there is no real strategy when it comes to Roulette. But with the payouts for the Lucky Numbers so humongous, you should try covering as much of the table as possible – focusing on the straight up numbers rather than side bets. You’re more likely to see the big multiplier wins that way.
  • Make use of the Game Statistics. You’ll be able to track wins and losses and see which of those numbers has been given the lightning touch.