For Vikings and Valhalla!

by Wombat Casino on 25-Aug-17

viking slotsEver feel like there’s just not enough Viking in your life? Well, this wombat does quite frequently. And when we do feel the need to sport a ginger beard, wield a hefty axe and burn down some surrounding villages, we simply fire up the reels of one of our favourite Scando-themed Viking slots, instead. It’s much better than causing extreme mayhem and maximum carnage (which gives Mrs Wombat such a bad headache).

Norse Gods, massive hammers and big old beards; they are all in attendance here. So check out our list of the best Viking slots we’ve got for your spinning pleasure here at Wombat Casino. Don your horned helmets, and grab your metal shields as you attempt to get as many gold coins to fill your leather loin-cloths with as possible. By Thor’s Hammer!

Normally, if we fancy a bit of Viking we head straight over to the Thunderstruck series of slots by Microgaming. The 1st game in the series, Thunderstruck is an awesome game and the sequel just happens to be one of our favourite slots. But you know what? We’ve waxed lyrical about these 2 enough- let’s look at some of the other Scandi games on offer, shall we?

Viking Fire

Here at Wombat Towers, we are big fans of Viking Fire slot from Lightning Box Games. This 3D animated game is all about the Wilds (that dole out a x2 multiplier when they contribute to a win), and it’s the axe-wielding Head Viking’s job to smash the screen to Valhalla and back again to turn random symbols into these Wilds. You’ll find him at the left of the reels…

The graphics are awesome in this slot, and the symbols come alive on the reels when you scoop a big win, which is a nice little touch. Including the Viking dude, who goes totally mental and performs a dance complete with fist-pumps…

Then there’s the Bonus Game that will see you firing cannons at enemy ships for the chance to scoop Free Spins and extra Wilds, plus a standard gamble feature that will appeal to the high rollers amongst you.

Overall this Viking slot is very playable indeed!

Viking Quest

There’s nothing scary about the Norsemen in this slot from Microgaming Viking Quest slot! They’ve all got twinkling eyes and button noses, for starters, but these smiley Scandos are still Vikings at heart and will do their best to plunder you some awesome wins.

Your reels are set in a sunny meadow with cherry blossom on the trees, plus some rolling hills and a shimmering still lake in the background. This is all very nice, but things really heat up when you land Mega Icons, Wombat Fans. They will cover the grid as 2×2, 3×3 or 4×4 symbol positions – meaning part or all of the Mega Icons can add to your winning combos, which is awesome news for your bank balance!

There are also 3 bonus rounds on offer; The Chests of Fortune Bonus, the Gone Fishing Bonus (with a mind-boggling 40000x your original wager on offer), and the Free Spins round which is very generous indeed.

It’s a quirky take on the usual Viking theme, and with all those bonuses, it’s become a Wombat fave!


Now, those of you who aren’t up on their Viking Mythology should listen up: Valhalla was the sacred resting place for bloodthirsty Vikings who died in battle. Think golden kingdoms full of eternal riches and you’ll get the picture.

There are 2 things this wombat likes about this NextGen Viking slot; firstly that the Flight of The Valkyries soundtrack music blasts out at you during game-play which really gets you in the mood for a spot of pillaging on the reels. And secondly there’s the fact that there are no bonus rounds or features.  What? No bonuses? That’s right, you heard correctly wombat fans. Not a single one. Instead this game is all about the Valhalla Spins…

If you’re feeling flash, then this feature will be right up your street. Basically, by increasing your stake per spin you’ll get much bigger rewards. You’ll find the Valhalla Spins button underneath the reels; choose from the 5 levels on offer – all of which will include expanding Wilds that will lock in position on that middle reel and dole out other goodies. Level 5 is the priciest option at 10x your bet, but with Expanding Wilds on reel 3, plus 4 re-spins and a win multiplier of x2 it’s worth it.

We’re in Valhalla right now Wombat Fans… This is a Viking must-play!


What’s all this Ragnarok business then? Well, it’s a legend in Norse mythology that details the destruction of the whole world, which is said to follow on from a bloodthirsty and epic battle between a bunch of nasty monsters and Loki, Odin and Thor. Wowsers. As you’d expect, the 3D graphics are sharp and slick in this slot, and the monsters in the bonus rounds are genuinely scary (well, for this wombat anyway).

But the real USP of this Viking-themed slot is the gameplay: the mysterious red runes are the key to the multilevel bonus features and the more you collect, the bigger and better the payouts!  Basically, they will unlock the bonus battles for you. You earn the runes randomly after base game spins plus an additional 1 is earned each time a bonus is triggered.

All of the extra rounds are triggered by landing 3x or more of the Yggdrasil Scatter symbols, and depending on how many runes you have collected you’ll enter into a battle with:

Level 1 (Thor vs Jor)

Thor Feature – This is the most basic feature and you can trigger it with just 15 runes. You’ll receive 10 free spins with all wins multiplied by 2x. Nice.

Level 2 (Freya vs Surtr)

With between 15 and 30 runes you’ll be given the choice between playing either:

Thor Feature – 15 free spins with all wins multiplied by 3x.

Freyr Feature – 3 picks from 5 targets. Each reveals a cash prize or a 5x multiplier.

Level 3 (Odin vs Fenrir)

Hey big spender! With 30 or more runes you can choose to play:

Thor Feature – 8 free spins with all wins multiplied by 3x and up to 15 extra wilds added to the reel set on each spin. Yeeeeehaaaa!

Freyr Feature – 3 picks from 5 targets each revealing a hidden prize or a multiplier between 5x and 10x.

Odin Feature –  8 free spins with ‘Rune’ symbols added to the reels. When a rune lands you will be prompted to pick it, revealing either a prize or a standard symbol.

So why should you play it? Because it’s mega entertaining, and this multi-level bonus business is both super fun AND super lucrative. It’s the best of the lot!