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Pets Go Wild

Pets Go Wild

100% Welcome up to 200.00*


I don’t know about you lot, but I love a crazy cat or dog. We all love our pets and their capers.

This Wombat’s best friend is a gecko. He can be a crazy young thing hanging out on the wall for mosquitos all night.

Pets Go Wild Stats

Pets Go Wild is a 7 reel and 7 row online and mobile slot game from Skilzzgaming that is all about our favourite furry friends! This medium to high volatilty game has a top jackpot of 1300x your stake and an RTP of 95%.

Match 3 symbols to trigger a win, Cluster Pays style (match 3+ symbols), on this game which features a Bonus Game, Random wins, Level Up and Multipliers. Pets Go Wild was launched in April 2019.

Who are the Stars of the Slot?

It’s as well to know their names! You’ll be playing with Dexter the Dog, Fred the Fish, Parker the Parrot, Katie the cat and Robin the rabbit.


Skillzz Gaming is inviting you join Dexter and his animal friends in the Pets Go Wild slot. “Who are they?”, I hear you ask. I’ve no idea, never heard of them, so let’s go and check them out and see if they’ve got any nice slot features up their sleeves.

The game looks pretty bonkers if I am to be be honest, but it does come loaded with 8 different “chapters” or game levels. That piqued my interest and not only because 8 is my lucky number.

You and your new pet pals will face different scenarios to try and make piles of cash. If like me, you’re up for it, then this slot’s big game, haunted houses or space story-lines will have you entertained and happily spinning the reels in no time.

Crack your knuckles, fill up your water bottles and turn on your hamster radar- we are going in. Let the pet adventures begin!

Look and Feel

pets go wild

Pets Go Wild is a good gas basically. It’s stuffed with colourful, cartoony graphics which create a nice backdrop to the reels and plenty of furry distractions.

Each game level has a bright, nicely drawn background where mini tiles, rather than reels move.

In the background you’ll here happy-go-lucky background tones. You’ll either love ’em or they’ll drive you potty. Not to worry my Wombat friends, you can always turn the volume down. Grab a snack like me for some extra gaming energy, we’ve got 8 chapters to get through here. No sleeping at the back!

Pets Go Wild Game Play

pets go wild dexter dogYou’ll need to stay on your toes over the 8 different stages of the Pets Go Wild slot as there is an ever-changing number of grids to play on. Generally, the game is set over a 7x 7 grid formation. Making it big means succeeding in wild and wonderful scenario and moving on to the next. A win is a trio of matching icons.

Make a win and you’ll see the winning icons disappear to be replaced by new ones in their place: let’s call this cascading reels. This mechanism is there to give you more than a single win in every spin. Now those are odds I like the sound off, bacon sarnie anyone?

The 5 main icons are a series of cute pets represented on the grid in simple symbols. You can’t miss the dog that is represented on the reels as a blue paw print. The cat is a ball of wool and the bird appears as a feather. And a fishy shape represents the goldfish. Oh, and the rabbit is a long-eared shape.

Above the reels is a picture of each of the animals. There’s a brown bunny, a goldfish with a winning smile, a perky parrot, a luxuriant white cat and a dog. On each level the pets will adapt in style to match the theme of that level.

Skilzzgaming are flouting all the game conventions with this one. It’s as if the designer’s boss said “I want you to think outside of the box on this one” and they ended up flattening it and sitting on it. The Pets Go Wild slot has thrown away your usual slot mechanics like Wilds in favour of newer symbols. Keep those eyes open and see important icons including a star, a letter “B” and “XP”.

Chapter Play

Of course, you’ll want to progress through the 8 scenarios to different adventures to build your stash of cash. To access the next level of the game, you’ll need to bad a certain number of winning combos and XP icons to unlock the next chapter of play.

fred fish pets go wild slotIf you’re blessed by Lady Luck, you’ll hopefully land 5 of the golden stars as you play and you’ll gain special access to a cruise themed adventure. Here you’ll be able to try and fill your boots with booty by making wins with up to a 30 x your prize multiplier on any win you make over the 10 free spins. And, there is tasty 1,000 times your wager win potential for making a 777 tile icon cluster.

Each of the far-flung episodes of fun is set in a different location and offers unique prize extras.

Flex those muscles ( you know you’ve got them for Beach Day) and give it a go.

In the second destination, you can party at the Film Festival where the specially laced popcorn awards you prizes for cash.

Next up is the Pet’s Circus. This third chapter hides a trick canon that fires prizes and multipliers.

And the fourth chapter will have you warming up your air guitar and Blue Steel poses. You will enter a high-voltage Rock and Roll world where multipliers and wins are guaranteed. And there are even 5 free spins to get you head-banging.

The Haunted House in chapter 5 won’t have your knees knocking. First of all, open the house’s creepy doors but you won’t reveal a zombie, just a prize or, you’ll end the feature.

And get ready to skyrocket into space on a Moon Adventure. In chapter 6 you must unearth clusters to gain the keys to a host of multipliers. Use the extra-terrestrial peace and quiet for a quick moment of marsupial shut-eye!

In chapter 7, Skilzzgaming transforms you into a culture vulture. Head into the Pet’s Museum and get arty! Make sure you know your murals from your miniatures as you’ll need to choose between pictures and uncover prizes. Your picture picks will uncover multipliers or, end the feature.

And finally, the eighth chapter is called Safari Blast. This ultimate feature is a walk on the wild side. Try and get your paws on an x10 multiplier with wins that are guaranteed over a single spin. A word of warning: termite sarnies are on offer here. I prefer bacon, personally.


The Pet’s Go Wild slot is a bit mad, we have to admit, but if you love your animals and you love a feature rich slot, you’ll be right at home. With that cascading mechanic and 8 different adventures, it’s got plenty going for it.

Pets do the funniest things, or so they say. They do on this slot.

Score: 3.8 out of 5

This game isn’t available to players from the UK. Why not play Turning Totems from Thunderkick instead?


  • What is the highest payer in Pets Go Wild?

    The Rabbit – Pays 10x for a full pet bar (7 symbols)

  • How do you get into the Bonus?

    To the right of the reels/grid is an “XP meter”. You start on the beach, and there are 7 levels to unlock by increasing your XP which you do by spinning. There are also 2 additional bonus features: the Bonus bubble (the letter “B”) and the Cruise Event Bubble (the Star).


Name Pets Go Wild
Provider Skilzzgaming
Layout 7x7
RTP 95%
Mechanic Cluster Pays. Match 3 to trigger a win.
Theme Pets, Circus, Cute
Features Bonus Game, Cluster Pays, Multipliers, Multiple Bonus Levels
Launched April 2019


  • What is the highest payer in Pets Go Wild?

    The Rabbit – Pays 10x for a full pet bar (7 symbols)

  • How do you get into the Bonus?

    To the right of the reels/grid is an “XP meter”. You start on the beach, and there are 7 levels to unlock by increasing your XP which you do by spinning. There are also 2 additional bonus features: the Bonus bubble (the letter “B”) and the Cruise Event Bubble (the Star).