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Live Rapid Roulette

Live Rapid Roulette

100% Welcome up to 200.00*


The wombat says: Live Rapid Roulette is a live dealer roulette game from NetEnt – and the clue is in the name, as in this version, your betting rounds are fired off much quicker than in a standard roulette game. In fact, each bet lasts around 25 seconds long, Wombat fans – which is half the time of other NetEnt live roulette tables!

Let’s give this lightning fast game a go…

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Look and Feel

Despite the focus on faster game play, the player experience is still top notch here, and as a NetEnt table game it’s been designed to be an absolute breeze to play.

Your screen features include an automated wheel, favourite bet options, game statistics and player chat. Oh, and there’s your friendly croupier too, who is on hand to spin that all important roulette wheel…

It’s a pleasure to play on. It makes some of our other games like Blazing 7s Roulette look a bit basic to be honest.

Game Play

Live Rapid Roulette is a common draw European roulette variation, and you can place your bets from 0.50 to 2000 per go in euros, pounds or dollars

The roulette wheel comes packed with 37 slots numbered 0-36. And in case you didn’t know, the aim of the game in roulette is to guess which slot the white ball will drop into after a spin of the wheel.

As this game is played at a super duper fast place, you’ll need to keep your eyes on the status bar; once it begins to flash, you will have the chance to place a final wager before that lucky wheel spins again. This game is quicker than a round on Instant Horses from Leap Gaming!

As the game is played on a European wheel, you can expect to European Roulette payouts. A straight up number, for example, will pay a maximum of 35 to 1 – making it the most valuable (and rare) bet on the wheel.

If you like statistics (you big old nerds), then you’ll love the ‘most hit numbers’ info in your control panel – as well as all the game data on the hottest and coldest numbers so far.

There are heaps of bets you can place in Live Rapid Roulette – inside bets are stakes made on the actual numbers that the ball can land in, while outside bets are placed on the special boxes below and to the side of the main table.

– Corner Bet – Bets at the corner where 4 numbers meet.
– Street Bet – Bets at the end of any row of numbers.
– Line Bet – Bets at the end of 2 rows on the intersection between the 2 rows.
– Straight Up – Bets on any single number.
– Split Bet – Bets on the line between any two numbers.

Outside Bets

– Column Bet – Bets in one of the boxes marked 2 to 1.
– Red/Black – Bets in the Red or Black box.
– Dozen Bet – Bets in one of the three boxes marked 1st 12, 2nd 12 or 3rd 12.
– Even/Odd – Bets in one of these boxes.
– 1-18/19-36 – Bets in either of these boxes.


So, what does this wombat make of Live Rapid Roulette? Well, if you like to play on the hop or you’re just the impatient type, then this quick-fire version from NetEnt will float your boat. If not, you might find it a little bit frenetic! Good luck!

Wombat score: 4/5



Provider NetEnt
Game Type Single Zero (European)
Spin Interval 25 seconds