Live Casino Games

by The Wombat on 24-Aug-16

live casinoThere are two main ways that you can play casino table games online. You can play virtual games, like Premier Roulette, which is a computer simulation of the game (like the video roulette you see in casinos). These games are fast and accurately mimic the wheel with exactly the same odds as you would experience on a real wheel. The only difference being that the results are generated by a Random number Generator (RNG) in much the same way as a slot machine.

Or, you can play live casino games, where the action all takes place on a physical wheel in a studio. You simply bet and watch the action over the Internet. You can chat with the dealer and your other players and you play roulette as normal. Some people just prefer to play on a physical table, even if they are playing online or on their mobile.

Virtual casino games tend to be faster (as you do not have to wait for other players to make their bets). Live games like our live roulette are more social and realistic, if you are looking to mirror the experience you might get in a land-base casino. Which is better? That comes down to personal choice.