100% Welcome up to 200.00*


Divine Fortune

Divine Fortune

100% Welcome up to 200.00*


divine fortune slotThe Divine Fortune slot- this game makes me feel even more like a Greek God!

It’s a 5 reel, 20 pay-line slot from those nice people at Net Ent that was launched around the same time as the Sam on the Beach slot (that game’s by ELK Studios though). It’s got a progressive jackpot too, which you can see ticking up when you play it.

This game is fed by people playing it all over the world- it’s just waiting for you to scoop it. There are 4 jackpots to go for- the Minor, the Major and the MEGA.

The reels are full of legends from ancient Greece- look out for Medusa who flashes her eyes at you (in a scary way) when you line 3 or more up, plus a minotaur, a lion, an eagle and the Pegasus- the winged stallion who is the wild symbol. The animations are great when the wins drop in and in the background, the game plays some seriously haunting ethereal music- you’ll feel like you’re in the Temple of Zeus in Olympia with a bunch of time travelling Benedictine monks.

The rest of the symbols are made from the standard Ace, King, Queen, Jack- though this being a Greek game, the Ace looks more like a delta symbol. It’s a beautifully designed game- we’d put it up there with the likes of Fruit Warp, the Babushka slot and the Lights slot. It’s a beaut!

My favourite bit about the Divine Fortune slot has to be the Wilds. After a Wild lands on the reels (once they has made up any possible wins), they fall down one position on the reels and you get a Falling Wild Re-Spin for free. You’ll keep re-triggering re-spins until the wilds drop off the bottom of the screen!

This all goes on in both the base game and the free spins bonus game.

Wild on Wild Feature

divine fortune wildNow hold on to your riding hats and squeeze your knees together, because Pegasus, the divine white winged stallion, is about to rear up and take you on the ride of your life.

If you get a Wild stallion landing behind a Falling Wild in both the base game and the free spins game, the Wild on Wild feature kicks off. The Pegasus Wild rears up on his hind legs and covers the entire reel. And that means more winning possibilities (I do love a stallion).

What’s more, each wild symbol shifts down one spot and you get your Falling Wild Re-Spin with 2 Wilds on the reels.

Free Spins

divine fortune slot free spinsLet’s talk Free Spins, shall we, which will be awarded when you get 3 or more free spins symbols- the picture of the hand holding the lightning bolt. You will get 5 Free Spins for 3 of these scatters, 8 for 4 and 12 if you manage to land 5 of them.

You can re-trigger Free Spins from within the bonus round itself- a feature that we we personally love!

And the best thing? Any Pegasus Symbol that lands- you know the white winged stallion that we mentioned above- automatically becomes a Wild on Wild. Which means ol’ Flying Ned is up on his back legs covering the whole of the reels a lot. And that means you’ll see plenty of action in the Free Spins round.

Jackpot Bonus Game

divine-fortune-bonusThe Divine Fortune slot has 3 more aces up its sleeve, and those are the progressive jackpots that you’ll see building away at the top of the game. To activate the jackpot bonus game- you’ll need 3 or more bonus symbols (the Pegasus Gold Coins).

You can only trigger it in the base game by the way. Each coin has a value of between 10 – 200x your bet level.

Once you get in, the name of the game is to complete rows of bonus symbols in the side game (all spins are free). If you complete one row, you win the Minor Jackpot, two rows bags you the Major Jackpot and 3 rows will net you the MEGA.

Those Greek Myths

Let’s have a close look at the Greek myths in Divine Fortune shall we? You get entertainment and an education with The Wombat!

pegasus-constellationPegasus has to be our favourite symbol on the game- because he’s the ticket to that Wild on Wild feature! If you know your stars, he’s an easy one to spot in the night sky (especially in the summer) he’s one of the most famous creatures in Greek mythology. Zeus put him up there by the way.

He’s closely linked to another legend in the slot- the Gorgon Medusa who foaled him. Meanwhile Pegasus spent much of his time collecting thunder and lightning from Olympus for Zeus.

The next time you line up a win with 3 or more Medusa symbols, and she starts flashing her eyes at you, just watch it because this female monster with venomous snakes for hair may turn you to stone if you gaze upon her face.

She lost her head to Perseus in the end, who chopped it off and used it as a weapon against his foes. That’s when people started carrying mirrors around in their hand bags I guess.

She’s also the highest paying symbol in the game. 5 of these puppies lined up on a pay-line will net you 600 coins. Kerching!

That Minotaur in the game is a close approximation of what my reflection looks like in the mirror first thing in the morning. This creature with the head of a bull and the body of a man may not be that easy on the eye, but they look less grumpy when you have lined 3 or more up on a pay-line. 3 pay 16 coins and 5 pay 300.

Nemean Lion
You don’t hear so much about the Nemean lion, but it was a vicious beast in the Greek myths that lived at Nemea which was finally killed by Heracles- quite a feat when you think that its golden fur was pretty much impossible to pierce. If you got in the way of it claws, however, it was often Game Over as they were sharper than swords and could slice through most armour.

The Eagle Has Landed
And finally we have the Golden Eagle- this is the Aetos Dios, a giant, golden eagle which was Zeus’ personal messenger and pet. Well, you’re hardly going to be sitting on a throne in the heavens with a doe eyed labrador at your feet, are you?

In the slot, the eagle is the lowest paying symbol out of the beasts. You ‘ll still net 200 coins if you line up 5 of them though which is well worth getting out of bed for.

Divine Fortune Megaways Slot

Love the ancient Greek theme but feel like playing something with a bit more va va voom? Then Divine Fortune Megaways slot is for you! Yes, NetEnt have bought the license from Big Time Gaming and are upping the ante big time in this new version.

Don’t worry, you’ll still find falling wilds and re-spins, but instead of 5  reels you’ll be playing on a minimum of 6 – all of which vary in size of rows, and can give you as many as 117,649  Ways to Win! As you can imagine this increases the variance of the game quite a bit.

You’ll also see that they’ve given Divine Fortune Megaways a bit of a graphics refresh which is nice. Although try as hard as you like, you won’t see the Progressive Jackpots – sadly there are no more!

The game also comes with cascading reels which is another change this Wombat is in favour of. As winning symbols are removed from the reels,  brand new icons drop down from above to replace them and new wins can be made. All sound very complicated? Put it this way: if you are lucky you can win several times from the same spin. Which has to be a good thing.


It must be difficult for NetEnt to continue to come up with the goods. I mean, how do you follow the Guns ‘n Roses slot and Dracula? And when we first fired this up, we thought “hmmmm, it looks stunning, but it looks a little flat”. But then we triggered the Wild on Wild feature and thought “Yeah”!

Wombat Score: 5/5

3 cheers for Wild Pegasus, you Flying White Stallion Dude!

Name Divine Fortune
Developer NetEnt
Layout 5 x 3
Paylines 20
Min-Max Bet 0.20 - 100.00
Volatility Medium
Features Jackpot Bonus Game, Free Spins, Wild On Wild
Launched 2017