What is Monopoly Megaways?

by The Wombat on 28-Apr-22

monopoly carWhich Monopoly board piece is your favourite? Mine’s the car. Or battleship.

Since its release in 1935, Monopoly has been a staple of game nights worldwide. Love it or hate it, this board game has stood the test of time. It was only a matter of time before slot releases followed, and Big Time Gaming opted for the Megaways mechanic. But how does this board/slot game hybrid work?

What Exactly is Monopoly Megaways?

Put simply, Monopoly Megaways is a 6-reel slot game that incorporates the Megaways game mechanics with lots of paylines and the traditional board with bonus features. Megaways games have skyrocketed in popularity due to the number of available paylines they provide due to the different shaped symbols filling each reel 2-7 high. The Monopoly Megaways game can use up to 117,649 paylines in a single spin across which combinations of symbols can be made.

monopoly megaways hatThe game uses many visual aspects taken from Monopoly, including the pale green colours used for each space on the board, filling the background with the cityscape outline. This grid is filled with symbols relating to the setting, with the Car, Dog, Top Hat and Battleship playing as high-value symbols and the classic 9-A of cards of lower value in play. Across the bottom of the screen, the Monopoly man, otherwise known as Rich Uncle Pennybags, can be seen walking over properties on the board, with each spin potentially leading to bonus features.

The bonus features in play here alongside the Megaways mechanic include cascading reels that replace winning symbols with new ones for another chase to win. The main bonus feature involves the Monopoly man as he jumps across properties, with each stop potentially impacting the game. These can include:

– Go – supplies the maximum number of paylines for the next spin.
– Utilities/Stations – makes that property yours for the bonus game.
– Chance – Moves to a random property with 1-4 houses added, can also access Free Spins or the max paylines in the next spin.
– Community Chest – Moves to a random property with 1-4 houses added.
– Streets – adds a house to the street when landed on consecutively.

You can access the Free Spins feature by collecting 5 houses on a street or landing on Chance. Initially, you get 8 Free Spins, with the number increased by the number of 5 house properties or train stations owned.

More bonus game triggers can add 3 Free Spins to the number, and any owned utilities can bring multipliers into play. The multiplier will increase by x1 for each house on the property landed on. The Monopoly man will carry on his journey across the board during the Free Spins, potentially landing on multipliers, spins, paylines or properties.

Where can I play Monopoly Megaways?

Wombat Casino has you covered with the Monopoly Megaways free play demo and full version available if you’re looking to try this slot out for yourself. If you are looking to learn more about play before setting a wager, the Monopoly Megaways free play is the right way to go, where you can try the game out without spending a penny.


Whether you’re a fan of the original board game or not, the features included here offer a refreshing change to slot play. The best thing is that the Monopoly Megaways free play demo allows players to learn all they can about the features and stand the best chance of winning in the real game. If you’re looking for other slots to play, you can check our top 5 Big Time Gaming slots for some inspiration!