Top 5 Rainbow Riches Slots

by Tony on 21-Feb-22

The Rainbow Riches series is an ever-growing collection of games that all feature the same main character, a Lucky Leprechaun who can grant you some luck with your spins. In all of these games, there are features and animations that make the collection flow in a smooth way.

From the original Rainbow Riches version of the game, there have been over 10 different variations including Megaways, a Christmas themed version and even some versions that have highly improved graphics and audio design.

In this brief overview, we will dive into the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, and take a look at which Rainbow Riches slots are the most popular (and why you should play them!)

Top 5 Rainbow Riches Slots

Here is our choice of the 5 best Rainbow Riches slots, and a little bit about each of them and why they are on our list. You could find which one of these options looks the best for you to try it out, or you could just choose another fantastic slot from our extensive collection at Wombat Casino.

Rainbow Riches Pick ‘n’ Mix

Rainbow Riches Pick ‘n’ Mix is at the top of our list, although we have not decided if this list goes in a particular order because it’s so hard to choose a favourite. This game was released in 2016, and is definitely one of our favourites from the collection. Upon loading the game, you are presented with options for which bonus rounds you would like to be available on your reels. The game itself is designed very well and it makes sense why this is one of the most popular versions of Rainbow Riches.

Rainbow Riches Megaways

rainbow riches megawaysIf you play slot games a fair bit, you will know of the existence of Megaways slots, and with the rising fame of the original Rainbow Riches game, it was no surprise to see the game remade with Megaways mechanics. All in all, this version of the game hit the market and caused a stir, and as with other Megaways it has a decent promise of reward. This game is ideal for anyone who likes playing and experimenting with extra win-lines.

Rainbow Riches

Here it is! The original version of this well-encapsulated game continues to be remade into bigger and better versions of itself. As we have mentioned already, this game is very popular, and although the original version does not get all of the love anymore, it certainly deserves respect, this is the root of all of the other versions and that nostalgic feeling is unmatchable no matter how hard you try. This game is almost like a slice of history now!

Rainbow Riches Drops of Gold

rainbow riches wishing well symbolRainbow Riches Drops of Gold is a fairly recent release in the series, hitting the market in 2018, and it comes as a great addition to the collection that adds extra features too. This game comes with an improved take on how Wild symbols work, and this can make for a very much boosted experience throughout your gameplay.

Rainbow Riches Free Spins

rainbow riches free spins symbolAs the name suggests, this version of Rainbow Riches focuses on a very easy to activate Free Spins feature, and during these free spins you could see yourself get very lucky with your winnings. If you decide that this version of the game is for you, make sure you remind yourself of how the normal version of the game works, as this is very much similar with slight differences of graphical design and bonus feature improvement.


This introduction to five of the Best Rainbow Riches Slot games should have given you the insight you need to make the right decision between the games. Why not check out how to play Rainbow Riches while you’re here? Most of these games are available here at Wombat Casino, and the Wombat himself would recommend each and every one of them to you highly. Test them out today, get your eyes on the prize, and spin those lucky Leprechaun reels!