Return of Kong Megaways RTP Explained

by Mac on 27-Oct-22

Return of Kong is a slot game by Blueprint Gaming.

Players familiar with the movies, novels, and video games based on this famous character will recognise the setting of this slot.

Torches from an island tribe light up a deep tropical jungle of trees and vines beneath a blue sky. The king is in the background, perched on top of a rock and grinning while you play the game.

Kong wears a golden crown and a medallion with a “K” around his neck. Very bling!

With an extra 4-reel row above the grid, this game’s 6-reel set up gives you plenty of opportunities to form winning combos. The primary 6-reels’ symbol sizes means the rows can vary from 3 to 6, and the number of paylines can rapidly increase as the game is played in the usual Megaways fashion.

Return of Kong is just one of the Top 5 animal-themed slots we offer on our site.

This slot machine is packed with jungle characters and graphic features for an entertaining gaming experience.

Based on the 1933 movie figure known as the 8th Wonder of the World, this slot machine sports the Megways game mechanism.

And the RTP? a pretty decen 96.03%. We’ll go into further detail about what this means below. Read on to find out more about Return of Kong Megaways RTP.

What is RTP?

RTP stands for Return to Player. It is displayed in a percentage format. Every slot game has an RTP value, which is an important indication to how the game plays and pays out.

You’ve probably heard the term RTP banded about if you’ve played slots for any time or have just been watching streamers play online.

Return To Player, or RTP, is a term used to indicate how much a slot machine pays out to players over a significant number of spins. For instance, a slot machine with a 97% RTP will return 97.00 for every 100.00 paid into the system. On average.

RTP is sometimes confused with a game’s volatility (and vice-versa). While these two ideas are frequently interrelated, they aren’t the same.

In essence, variance or volatility describes how a game’s RTP is achieved. Lower volatility slots are designed for frequent smaller payouts. much of the RTP in higher volatility games is typically found in the bonus features, which can result in some big  wins. However, these slots don’t have as many small to medium winnings in the main game.

Return of Kong Megaways RTP

Let’s get into this piece’s real topic: the Return to Player value for Return of Kong Megaways. In this game, the RTP is 96.03%, so as we explained earlier, the return value is around 96.03 for every 100.00 put into the machine.

This maths checks out for typical gameplay, but free spins and other bonus features can mean you win more than 100.00 back from playing with 100.00 in the game. It is important to be responsible with your staking amounts, especially once you understand the RTP for the game you are playing.

The Return to Player (RTP) rate for the Return of Kong Megaways (96.03%), is about average. Keep in mind that this is a medium to high variance game, so you should adapt your bet level accordingly to help you through slow periods. Plan for “the long haul.”

The predicted outcome after many spins, such as one thousand can be more accurately predicted. Smaller numbers of spins, or shorter time intervals, may not necessarily provide outcomes that are near to the anticipated long-term outcome. Never stake money you can’t afford to lose.

How does Return of Kong Megaways RTP compare to other slots?

Return of Kong Megaways is an animal-themed slot and there are plenty of them with a similar the theme. In addition to Megaways, this game also has cascading reels: all winning symbols are removed from the grid and replaced with fresh ones from above. The same process kicks in every time a new win is made, so this offers the chance to bag successive wins.

Kong can randomly toss golden barrels at the reels to increase the excitement level; these barrels will form a random symbol that might result in more prizes.

Return of Kong Megaways is a sequel to an older game known as King Kong Cash. If we compare the games, the RTP of King Kong Cash is 95.8%, sitting slightly lower than average and also lower than the newer version.

The RTP of this slot is average, and many slot games are in a very similar range. It has a decent level overall.


So that’s the RTP of the game, what it means, and how it can help you choose the right slot games to play. The RTP of Return of Kong Megaways compares favourably to the RTPs of other slots.