Monkey Magic

by The Wombat on 05-May-17

It’s recently come to our attention that those evil genius slotmakers have some definite favourites when it comes to themes they pick for their releases. From the ‘luck of the Irish’ games set in the Emerald Isle that are jam-packed with Lucky Leprechauns, pots of gold and rainbows to slots based on Ancient Egypt where the Gods promise untold treasures, and you brave endless perils in search of precious gold artefacts amongst all those pyramids, Sphinxes, scarabs, handfuls of hieroglyphics, and the usual ankhs.

But there’s one theme that this wombat goes particularly bananas for… And that’s monkeys. Yes, those cheeky little chimps liven up any slot they appear in, and after a chance encounter in a zoo with one once (there’s no monkeys in The Outback you big galahs) this wombat became firm friends with man’s closest animal relative.

Anyway, enough of all this aping all around, here’s a list of the best primate themed slots we have on offer here at Wombat Casino. We guarantee you’ll go nuts for them! Sorry too many puns…

Gorilla Go Wild

He’s a Gorilla called Gary and by heck if this friendly little chimp isn’t going to go wild on the reels just for you! Enter the rainforest wombat fans with your host who is handing out the cash the friendliest silverback gorilla you’ll ever meet.

Gorilla Go Wild is a multi-level game delivers on all fronts with great graphics and cool animations and an awesome tropical jungle soundtrack. The Gorilla Go Wild game play is pretty standard with 5 reels and 25 paylines, plus A, K, J and Q, the 9 & 10, lemurs, monkeys, toucans and Mayan temples, plus Inca gold coins as your symbols on reels. And then’s there’s Gary himself who is the Wild of course.

Yes, the big man will substitute for all other symbols to help you makes winning combos, but that’s not all, the purple-haired King of the Jungle howls, winks and scratches his butt, too. He’s a delight!

With 4 Free Spin Features to be unlocked in this multi-level game you’ll need to hang around for a while to play them all, but with the Gary’s Bonus Time instant bonus feature in play as well as the Free Spins, you really won’t mind at all! This wombat’s personal fave.

Adventure Palace

OK, so it’s not technically a monkey-themed slot wombat fans, but it is jam-bloody-packed full of chimps along with the various other jungle animal symbols on the reels such as the tiger, the King Cobra, the peacock and the heron – all there to help you spin and win. Plus, the sounds of monkeys scratching and chirruping will immerse you deep into the Indian rainforest, so we can get away with it…

When it comes to the design, Adventure Palace might not be a 3D feast for the eyes but it does have lovely naturalistic graphics and the animals are all beautifully hand drawn. But what we really love about Adventure Palace slot are the Free Spins – thanks to the 3x bonus multiplier that gets added to each and every winning combo you make. That’s right, each combo. It’s enough to make you go bananas…

Wade your way through the dense jungle and avoid getting eaten by whole host of wild animals until you reach the golden-domed Adventure Palace. Here you’ll get the chance to spin for the Elephant Wild symbol. Not only will it substitute for any other regular symbols on your rainforest reels, but you may scoop the maximum payout of 10,000 for 5x of these enormous ornate creatures. Kerching, it’s jackpot time!

Mad Mad Monkey

He’s so mad they had to name him twice! NextGen’s primate-themed slot is a cracker. Basically Wombat Fans, all you really need to know is that this cartoon monkey is a bit mad and will also double your wins every time he appears in a win. This is very very often indeed as he is the game’s Wild.

The Mad Mad Monkey reels are set in a jungle (of course) teeming with rainforest wildlife including some brightly parakeets and the usual lush-looking palms and vegetation. And just to clear it up, the monkey really is a bit weird. Firstly, he pops his head out from the side of the reels, a lot, but he also hangs down from the top of the reels when you scoop a win – with his slightly sinister toothy grin (well I didn’t say I liked ALL primates, now did I?).

But, we can overlook the behavioural problems, as he also lands stacked on the reels, and when he does – he will triple your winning combos. That’s right, a x3 multiplier in the base game! It’s almost unheard of.

There’s also a nice little extra feature in the Free Spins bonus round that keeps us happy here at Wombat Towers, and that’s the Expanding Banana Wild. These tasty symbols will land stacked upon all 5 reels increasing your chances of more winning combos. Give it a spin.

Gonzo’s Quest

We doubt very much that you’re new to this game slot fans, in fact the NetEnt classic is almost as famous as I am. It was the first game to get rid of traditional spinning reels and introduce crumbling avalanche blocks, and we love it.

Like thousands of other explorers, Gonzo is on his way to colonise Latin America, but gets sidetracked by a treasure map that will lead him to mythical Eldorado… Along with Inca temples, stone carvings and intricate Mayan relics, Gonzo’s Quest slot submerges you into the Central American jungle.

But what has the Gonzo slot got to do with ruddy monkeys I hear you ask? Well, not a great deal to be honest. BUT there are some delightful looking Inca monkeys as your symbols on the reels and it IS set in the primates’ natural habitat, so we hoped we’d get away with it…

Aside from the awesome look and feel, this wombat is a big fan of Gonzo’s Quest’s Free Fall bonus round. Line up 3x or more of the Golden Masks and you’ll get 10 Free Avalanche Falls with increasing multipliers – starting at x1 but going up to x15 if you land more than four consecutive free falls!

Gonzo’s Quest is an all-round excellent slot. The top notch graphics make it feel like a video game, and it was a complete game changer when it first came out. It might have spawned many copy cats, but not many of them match it. It’s a must play…