How to play Slingo Rainbow Riches

by Mac on 10-Mar-22

Rainbow Riches is a collection of online slot games that have continued to grow as a catalogue and as a brand over time. The original version was released over 12 years ago, and there have been over 10 different versions that have hit the market since that point. The majority of these versions that have been released come in the form of regular Rainbow Riches Slot games, but with the Slingo game mechanics gaining more popularity, Rainbow Riches has given their fans their very own Slingo version. Of course, you can play this game right here at Wombat Casino!

What is Slingo Rainbow Riches?

Slingo, as a game type, is essentially virtual bingo that works on a slot spin mechanic. You are given a random card full of numbers, in this game on a 5 by 5 card with 25 numbers on it. The reel at the bottom of the card will spin every time you press the button, and if any of the numbers in this reel match with the ones on your card, they will be crossed off. There are also some other symbols you may see on this bottom reel, which can aid you (or get in your way!) during each spin of the machine.

How to Play Slingo Rainbow Riches

You first select your wager, and this is split into 10 individual balls. These balls represent the 10 spins you get for your first wager and during these 10 spins, your aim is to collect as many Slingo stars as possible. To collect a Slingo star, as mentioned previously, you must match a number on your cards to one of the ones on a spin of the reel. To move up the Prize Ladder, you have to put together a 5-slot line in any direction (horizontal, diagonal or vertical).

You will see that on the prize ladder, there are 10 steps, and as you move up this ladder there are different prizes available. You must move up to at least the 5th step before any prize becomes available to you. Moving higher up the ladder means the prizes are much more impressive, and if you manage to get a full house, you could win up to 1,000x your triggering stake! This could prove very generous if you manage to get so lucky.

Other than the numbers on the reel at the bottom, the other symbols are as follows. The Joker, which allows you to choose any single number in the column above into a Slingo Star. The Super Joker, which allows you to choose any single number on your whole card to become a Slingo Star. The Devil, who with an evil grin on his face, blocks all symbols in the column above. Finally, the Free Spin symbol grants you a free spin on top of the remaining ones in your pot.


Slingo Rainbow Riches is an entertaining and rewarding game that proves that it’s not just slot games thet work for the Rainbow Riches franchise.

You can try out this game for free here at Wombat Casino, or of course, you can play for real money and see if you get as lucky as the Leprechaun who runs the Rainbow Riches world! Whilst you’re here why not explore another popular Rainbow Riches game and discover what is Rainbow Riches Megaways?