Roulette Bets

by The Wombat on 07-Jul-16

mobile rouletteAt its very simplest, roulette is very easy to play with just a little knowledge. You can just bet on the red or the black. But the more you play roulette, the more you´ll realise that this is a very sophisticated game that caters to beginners and seasoned players alike.

There are many different types of bets which you can use in all sorts of roulette systems. You can split them into 3 main types: Inside Bets, Outside Bets and Call Bets. Betting “on the inside” means betting on individual numbers on their own or as a group. The Outside Bets are a convenient way of betting across zones of the wheel- so a bet on the red will cover just under half the table -don´t forget the zero(s) and a bet on the middle column will cover 12 numbers- just under a third of the table.

Inside and Outside bets
We’re talking a Straight Up bet on one number, a Split Bet across 2 numbers, a Corner Bet covering 4 numbers, a Street Bet across 3 numbers in a single row, a 6 Line bet across 2 Streets covering 6 numbers and the 5 Number bet or 4 Number Bet. On your outside bets you have Red or Black, Even or Odd, Low Numbers 1 to 18, High Numbers (18 to 36), a dozens bet and a column bet.

Call bets are special group bets that you will find in French Roulette and more premium variants like Roulette Master. They include Voisins du Zero (Neighbours of 0), Tiers du Cylindre, and the Finales bets among others.

Pick Your Game
If you are the kind of player who prefers to keep things simple, then we’d recommend a game like Gamevy Roulette or our 3D European variant. As well as looking the business, these well designed variants are suited to people who prefer to stick to the standard Inside and Outside bets.

If you are hankering after making a Complete Bet, or a Red or Black Splits bet, then head to a game like Premier Diamond Edition which has a range of bets from more advanced players.

Options include various neighbours bets (off the zero and other numbers of your choice), a Snake Bet and more Finales bets than you can shake a stick at!